June 2014

Updated 7.12.2014

Will sapphire displace glass in phones?

Updated 7.12.2014
This Seeking Alpha article was the inspiration for this effort. Full disclosure: LWRAS owns both GLW and GTAT stocks.


Sapphire is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Its refractive index is about 1.6, which is higher than glass. Glass refractive index will depend on the composition of glass, but typically the refractive index of glass is about 1.52. Glass does not a crystalline structure, in that the molecules that make up the glass are not regularly positioned. Glass does not produce peaks when xrayed, crystalline substances do. Read the rest.

Corning Update

Updated 6.11.2014
Corning Inc remains a bellweather company/stock here at LWRAS, and asi it's been awhile since the last update, the topic for today is Corning. Seeking Alpha published a transcript of Corning's company officers presenting the current state of the company to a group of investors at a Merrill Lynch coference. This transcript from the Sanford C Bernstein conference (also at Seeking Alpha) presents the same information, though obviously the Q&A and the end was different. All quotes in the article are taken from these transcripts.Read the rest.


Robotics is a technology of interest for LWRAS. Robots or unmanned vehicles have played a huge role in recent US military deployments. And despite the defense cuts that are supposedly coming, robots and drones (the difference seems t be whether or not the thing flies or not) are an area where the military will continue to spend.

The advantages are obviously, beginning with it's an inanimate object. And they were agnostic as to sourcing, meaning that cheapie commercial robots sufficed for some applications, while others (attack drones, etc) were much more expensive. Read the rest.


Haptics is a technology that remains of interest here.


Telematics and connected cars were an area of intense interest in 2013. LWRAS intends to review and analyze the existing market and players.

Photonic Integrated Circuits

This is an area of of recent interest. LWRAS intends to analyze investment opportunities.