January 2014

Updated 1.1.2014
It's almost an annual event here, but with the new year comes a new committment to making this site worth visiting. Unlike 2013, the formatting will not change.

So, once more, with the best of intentions, LWRAS once again pledges to regularly analyze trends and data to make sense of them and to identify worthy investments. Listed below are teh optics that LWRAS intends to cover this year. As content is added for eahc, links will be added. This top section will remain fluid as an opening landing for searchers (unless a better organization is found).


Haptics is a technology that remains of interest here.


Telematics and connected cars were an area of intense interest in 2013. LWRAS intends to review and analyze the existing market and players.

Photonic Integrated Circuits

This is an area of of recent interest. LWRAS intends to analyze investment opportunities.